Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe is a decorated presenter, TV producer, voice actor, and actor. His endorsements in the entertainment industry make him millions every year and it’s no surprise that he has a net worth of $30 million. This post is all about Mike Rowe. We will start with his biography then talk about his career to understand how he has made his wealth and conclude with his net worth and investments. Sounds interesting? Let’s dig in!

Mike Rowe’s Biography

Mike Rowe is a male American born in March 18, 1962, Mike Rowe was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the years, Mike Rowe has made his reputation as a narrator and TV host. He is mainly recognized for hosting Dirty Jobs.

Mike Rowe was brought-up by parents who were school teachers and as a student, Mike Rowe joined the Boy Scouts. He was part of the Eagle Boy Scout in 1979. It was in high school that Mike became involved in theater and also joined his school’s choir.

Mike graduated and joined Essex Community College before joining Towson University to focus on communication studies.

Mike Rowe’s Net Worth

Mike Rowe’s Career

Mike graduated from University in 1985 and that’s when his career started. He started as a host on different TV shows. For instance, he first hosted for Your New Home that ran for 15 years. Mike then landed another role as a host for a CD-ROM trivia game. In the late 90s, Mike hosted an instructional guide working for a satellite TV service.

What started as minor jobs quickly built Mike Rowe’s reputation and in 2001, he landed two life-changing hosting jobs. He became the host for a History channel The Most and held the role until 2005.  The other was a hosting job for KPIX-TV that later became Dirty Jobs It’s through it that Mike Rowe hit the spotlight and became a household name. He held the role throughout the 13 episodes of the show.

In 2003, Mike hosted Dirty Jobs but under the Discovery Channel. He remained the host for the series until 2012. While still working for the Discovery Channel, Mike got a chance to visit Egypt and his time and encounter in Egypt created a chance for him to get another hosting role in a series.

Audiences love Mike Rowe’s voice and this gives him an advantage, making numerous channels want to have him host their shows or series. His popularity has kept him in the game and Mike Rowe knows how to capitalize on each role and create an impact that keeps people wanting to work with him more.

Mike Rowe’s Net Worth

His reputation has made it easy for Mike Rowe to land several brand endorsements. He is involved in several advertisements with different brands. Moreover, Mike has hosted several shows and his commercial work still makes him passive income.

On average, Mike Rowe earns between $1 to $5m yearly from his career and brand endorsements. With  this income, it’s understandable how he has managed to make a net worth of $30 million.